Terms and Condition

  1. Fees Once give will not be refunded nor adjustable and nor transferable and will not be adjusted to any other course.
  2. To take any leave written application to be given before 3 days.
  3. Course Extension will be consider only due to unavoidable Reason.
  4. Franchises center first paid center Registration fees.
  5. center registration fees is valid up to 1 year on registration date.
  6. Center enroll student for certification in 15 day of admission date.
  7. The institute reserves the rights to claim any damages or penalty from the students in case of any damage happen either its furniture,Property,Books,Computers or any other material etc.
  8. center paid student royalty with in 7 day of student registration date.
  9. if center not paid student royalty than admin cancel unpaid student registration.
  10. If center register student than compulsory paid student royalty.
  11. Institute reserves the right not allowing the student in the premises of the center in case of failure of payment of dues/fees to the institute on due dates.
  12. center provide Material in Gujarati and English Language.
  13. center registration, student registration and student examination process are online.
  14. center fees and student fees paid only through online payment.